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The Caner’s List– Now I know that many of you are asking the same question that many others before you have asked, what is the point of me putting my name on the Caner’s List. Also many of you also ask what is a Caner’s list?

I will answer the second question first- The Caner’s List is simply a waiting list of people waiting for caning to be done. When you put your name on the list, along with the type of chairs that you have to be done and the quantity, then as the caner works down the list you will be called as you are come to.

In my studio, you are called and if at that time it does not suit you to have your chairs done, then I usually will set aside one week the following month, usually the third week of the month, where I will move your name to and will call you back about having your chair done, if at that time it still does not suit, then I will move your name to the bottom of the list, which means that it may be 3 months out or sometimes a year or more from today. This is done as a courtesy to the customers as often there are situations that arise, that makes it not suitable at that time.

You know Caning is a lot like going to the grocery store, you walk in and look NO ONE is in line, however when you want to check out everybody and their brother is in line to check out. It is very much the same with caning/seat weaving, no one comes, no one calls, then suddenly and without warning everyone calls, so to the customer that says no I don’t want on the list I will call back in 6 weeks when you are caught up, they wait and then call just to find out, that now they have to wait for 6 months longer, had their names been on the list, I could have taken their chairs at 6 weeks.

I try to stress to customers, just because their name is on the list, does not mean they are making an obligation for work to be done, it is used as a scheduling tool

Please I urge all customers thinking of having work done to have your name put on the list, and avoid disappointments.