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During the Spring through Fall seasons, is the time that most people see me demonstrating the various forms of Hand Caning, as well as other forms of seat weaving. It is during this time that customers have what I do fresh in their minds, from these different demonstrations at farmers markets, festivals and shows. However, the best time for me to do these various form of seat weaving/hand caning is during the down time in the winter months November to April.

I would like to encourage anyone interested in having their antiques and heirlooms re-seated, please call me or email me and have your name put on the list, so that you don’t miss your chance to have your caning done. Sometimes customers will ask how many chairs are in the studio and the answer has been 6, but they did not want to be put on the list and say they will wait a couple of weeks, just to find out in a couple of weeks those chairs have been done and replaced by 20 chairs.

I encourage everyone to add their name to the list to fix their spot in line and avoid lengthy disappointments. During the winter months is the best time for caning, as nothing gets in the way. No prepping for shows and demontrations which easily can take 3 days out of a week.