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I have a friend Karyn Bennett, that lives on a farm in New Hampshire. She owns Lizzy Lane Farm. Karyn make handmade soaps. She does a very good job of everything he undertakes and soaps are one of them. Her latest creation is a Rose Scented Oatmeal Soap. You can order her soaps through her selling blog, Lizzy Lane Farm Store.

The Lizzy Lane Farm Store also offers a variety of other handmade items by Karyn.

Other soaps available are Lavender Spa Bars, Loofa Soaps which are available in Lilac and Summer Grapefruit.

Karyn also makes a wonderful healing salve, which is made from all natural and organic ingredients. which include the following. Comfrey, Jewelweed, Chamomile, Calendula & Lavender infused in a grape seed oil, beeswax, tee tree, Essential oils and Vitamin E.

Karyn has a very interesting Blog on Farm Life on a Rural New Hampshire farm, I am sure everyone will find something of interest there.