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This will not mean much to anyone younger than 40, as most under that age will not be familiar with the days of one rented phone from “Ma Belle”, however to those of you that do remember, the days of being tethered to the phone, and setting in the hallway of your home or just inches from the old heavy metal or  phones, with the cloth cord, this will bring back memories.

Many homes had the hallway with most of the downstairs rooms where the phone set in the little niche in the wall, and a chair beside the niche, someone called and you just set there for PICT0179as long as the call lasted. You also will recall your ring, because most homes (except the wealthy) had party lines. You had to listen for your ring, however too many homes had everyone on the party line listening to your calls and none were private. I know there was one home, that actually was so bad for listening that a friend had an air horn, and made prior arrangements to make the call, and lay the phone down leaving the nosey person on the line, well that person had a temporary hearing loss for a while, but it seemed to solve the problem of prying ears.

PICT0204Today with cordless phones you can be anywhere in the house and talk in comfort, perhaps the idea back in yesteryear, was that your calls would be short if you were uncomfortable.

However all of that aside, a customer brought me their old telephone chair to re-cane. I have included pictues of the hand caning in the process, and the finished chair. I was not bright enough to get the “Before” picture, just one of those days.