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Shaker Cathead Market Basket

Shaker Cathead Style Baskets being shipped to the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

This week I will be shipping 7 new baskets to The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation’s Williamsburg Lodge Hotel Gift Shop. The baskets inclued Shaker Market Baskets, Tote Baskets, and a tall basket. all in the traditional Cathead Style.

The basket at above is a Shaker Market Basket with a Hand Carved White Oak, made using a drawknife. The size is approx. 15″long x 9″wide x 8″ deep.

All of my basket are made with the highest quality reeds, cane, and hardwood handles in Oak, Ash, Cherry. All handles are finished using a hand-rubbed finish.

I encorage everyone to support the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, and the living history that it presents to each and everyone of us, the history of the founding of our country is so easily lost in todays mechanized, computerized world, we forget the hardships and struggles that our ancestors went through to settle the new world, so that we can live in this country today. Help the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation keep history alive, by either visiting, memberships, or donations.

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